We build full-featured, smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

for residential real estate brokers and their agents

Let us show you how our cutting edge software, coupled with our award winning support can help take your business to the next level.

What We Do

Our Real Estate Customer Relationship Management System is designed to streamline daily actions and drive revenue-generating activity for real estate brokerages. It enables brokerages to significantly improve the efficiency and responsiveness of agents whether working in the office or off-site.

Real estate-centric smart customer relationship management (CRM) system

Our system has custom built features and options to real-world real estate professional specifications and is as unique as each agent, their customers, and transactions. It provides the fully-customizable tools required to build and maintain trust online, essential elements of a winning sales strategy. It helps you close more leads and work more efficiently, increase productivity, and manage expenses. Buyers and sellers can be attended to more quickly, office overhead is reduced, and real-time monitoring facilitates efficient conversions to sales. It integrates with broker-specific third-party solutions rather than being a closed system that doesn’t play well with others. It is a competitive digital complement to broker goals of recruiting and retaining the best real estate professionals.

Personalized Customer Support, Training, and Coaching

We offer unlimited (and FREE OF CHARGE) first-class customer support services, training, consultation, and advice for one-on-one and group coaching for our nationwide client base. We provide extensive product training upon product launch as well as ongoing training via our monthly product workshops. Also, user coaching is an ongoing program that allows agents to learn best practices for use of their virtual office. Upon request, targeted training sessions are available to further guarantee the value you receive from implementing our CRM system. We also offer an online library of training videos. This provides 24×7 access to all the latest training materials so agents can learn when it’s most convenient for them.


Mature, nimble technology coupled with unrivaled customer service from real estate professionals who are on your side.

Custom Webpages

Brokers can customize their company site and approve agent templates. Agents have the freedom to select from and customize approved templates that include compliant Internet Data Exchange (IDX) real estate search. We provide unlimited optional individual listing sites to complement media campaigns, address seller expectations, direct traffic to specific agents, and more.

100% SEO friendly

Broker and agent sites are 100% Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and ready to support campaigns. There is no need for additional investment in standard SEO services to make your site visible to internet search engines. Simply add meta tags to the SEO configuration portal provided in our back office solution and you’re off!

Drip Marketing campaigns

Nurture prospects with customizable email campaigns and automated responses to key conversion events such as registration. Letters can be customized or selected from our database of templates so creating an effective campaign has never been easier. Campaigns can be launched automatically, eliminating the need for manual broker/agent intervention.

Mobile & responsive

The REWS CRM system supports all popular browsers and screen sizes and automatically senses smartphone and tablet use to add global positioning system (GPS) search options. With support for any GPS-enabled platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.), users are able to conduct location-based searches, add properties to their saved favorites, request more information on a property from their agent, even perform map searches or find an agent if they don’t have one.


REWS can accommodate virtually any reporting format or preference. Choose from a comprehensive library filled with popular reports or select from an array of data-rich options to customize your own. Market Watch Reports can be personalized to communicate more effectively with prospective and existing consumers on market changes.

Integrated Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Power Search

Our system features custom IDX capabilities: it connects with a direct IDX feed from the applicable local board. This enables all searches and leads to be registered directly on your website with full and consistent listing details, photos, mapping, etc. In addition to the enhanced user experience, real-time reporting delineates site visitor activity, providing agents with valuable insight into buyer interest.


Our predictive sales technology helps identify and direct focus to consumers that may require attention or are more likely to engage and transact, while others incubate. This helps agents and customer service representatives be more productive and efficient.

External Lead Integration

Simplify online lead generation chaos by consolidating leads from different sources into one convenient system. From popular national lead distribution systems to individual email responses, REWS can deliver all your company’s leads into a centralized dashboard.

Personalized logins for buyers and sellers

Consumers have access to all pertinent information via their dedicated portal. Sellers view real-time activity on their listing. Buyers utilize an online workspace to manage saved favorites, recent searches, and more to help them find the perfect home.


No startup costs*, no future hidden costs, no contracts, no excuses - no kidding! A competitive monthly, per agent service fee grants full access to everything REWS has to offer.

* Some additional fees may apply. i.e. MLS, franshise fees, etc.

Setting up our smart Customer Relationship Management System requires NO INITIAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT. The monthly service fee covers full access to the software solution. The REWS approach is structured to generate income for brokers by converting leads directly from their own website along with associated referral fees. Updates and accompanying training materials are released automatically at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Plus! Customer service, training, and coaching for brokers and their administrative staff members are always INCLUDED.


We're the technology partner you've been looking for, the one with just the right blend of residential real estate experience, technology skills, and personal service.

How It Works

Whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating from an existing system, REWS works collaboratively to ensure that setup appears effortless. The entire process, from paperwork to production, is normally completed in less than 30 days. REWS makes it look easy!

1. REWS does the heavy lifting

Applicable data sources are contacted to complete steps necessary for REWS to gain access. Data is downloaded at the maximum permitted rate with ongoing checks for accuracy while accommodating all unique elements. Company, office, and agent data are migrated into the system. Content acquisition tasks are completed while train-the-trainer sessions guide personnel in getting up to speed on configuration options, design preferences, calls to action, and any customization issues.

2. Peace Of Mind

Once the system is in production, the REWS team remains engaged to ease the learning curve while behind the scenes maintenance and operations are underway. The internet is 24/7 and so is REWS – from data updates to product enhancements, we remain focused on your online systems. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re taking care of systems so you can focus on running your business.

About REWS

REWS is a privately-held boutique technology company that enjoys the privilege of assisting select brokers by providing competitive products and relevant services that play a vital business role, from contact-to-contract.

Real Estate Web Solutions, LLC: REWS was founded in 2008 by Jimmy Brockman and George Toumbalakis who met in college and went on to individually own and operate their own information technology consulting firms. After surveying the housing industry landscape, they leveraged their professional expertise and real estate knowledge to architect and build a modern solution for residential brokerages. They had the foresight to bundle private cloud-based back office solutions for brokers with public websites that appeal to prospective home buyers and sellers. REWS is known for delivering leading edge rather than bleeding edge solutions that are complemented by passionate personal service, support, and coaching.

Our brand: The iconic rooster, or REWSter as we spell it, visually reinforces how a group of our customers once enthusiastically referred to themselves. The name stuck. It reinforces the fact that over the years our system could not have continued to improve without insightful feedback and suggestions from our invaluable REWSters.


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